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Meet the Watkins family, yes the big fella at the back is me Milton, to my left is my beautiful wife Levella and to my right is my 16 year old son Trent, and down in front is my 18 year old daughter Maddi. We are privileged to live in the beautiful state of Queensland in a place called Currumbin, I am sure most of you know where that is. I am a self employed bookbinder, I run my own business from a private studio in our house where I restore old books and customs bind new books, check out 

We purchased our Cadillac in 2007 site unseen except for a few photos, and watch it come out of the container when it landed fresh from the USA, the car was original and had never been off the road, the previous owner had it since new and due to his age could no longer drive it, the body was nice but mechanically it was awful, so began the slow replacement of all moving parts, without taking it off the road for more than a few days or so, plus I am an individual and started to make a few small changes to the 61 to make it different from all the others in the country at that time. 

One thing I liked about the original pictures and info I got before I made the purchase, the old guy had the body repainted in the early 80's and he had the roof painted black, I liked this look very much than having the car all white, he had tinted the windows a terrible dark purple colour too, I like tinted windows, but this had to go, and replaced them with new tint. After some light modifications at the front and back and the wheels and replacing or fixing most of the moving parts underneath it is finally time we went on a long drive, my wife and I have always wanted to drive around Australia, especially in our Caddy, so this would make a great start to our trip, but we wanted to do it with some friends, or some people who have similar interests like ours, so the CCCTN thought was born.

What better way to get to the WA Cadillac Nationals then cruise over in our Cadillacs.

There is a lot of preparation for an event such as this, first in is getting my own car ready, the cruise we are doing is in 3 hour segments and two of these per day over 10 days with a few extra rest days in a few locations, so the cruise should be a easy one for most well kept Cadillacs, our engine was rebuilt around 30,000 miles ago and we were fortunate enough to have the money recently for a rebuild of our 4 speed transmission, over the years even before we even had thoughts about this cruise we have slowly but surely replaced many mechanical parts with a few more to go this year. 

The next unexpected thing was to buy a full size 59 Cadillac rear end made of fibreglass, yes fibreglass, so I went to Toowoomba and brought it back to have a friend build me a trailer under it so that I can carry a little more than normal on our trip, it has a full opening boot and to the untrained eye looks exactly like the back of a 59 Cadillac, It is now complete and fitted out.






June 2013, this is what it looks like after a fresh coat of paint, nearly ready to go!

Cadillacs Cruzin Cross the Nullarbor




Personal Introduction


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